What You Can Do with Canon Mobile Printing

About Supported Printers and Multi-function Devices

About Supported Operating Systems and Terminals

About the Print Functions

About Functional Difference in iPhones and iPads

Getting Started

Selecting/Detecting the Device

Registering a Print Server

Confirming Device Information

Printing Images

Printing Files

Printing Web Pages

Saving Data in an Inbox

Changing the Print Settings

Changing the User Name for the Print Data

The Device is Not Detected

Searching for a Device Takes a Long Time

A message asking me to confirm my present location is displayed

Maximum file size that can be previewed and printed

How to print the text of emails

Some PDFs cannot be previewed

A File is not printed correctly

Data is not printed according to the print settings

There is an Incoming Telephone Call While Using This App

How to confirm the IP address of the printer

The device does not respond

Black and white data is counted as color data

The app force quits when you print some PDFs as 2 on 1

Excel sheets that are not selected are printed

What Port Numbers to Allow in a Firewall

Printing Microsoft Office files takes time

How to Check Data Conversion Service Maintenance Information

How to Display the App Support Site

Some paper sizes are not stapled

A time out error is displayed after printing starts

Cannot Correct the Layout with Data Conversion Service for Some PowerPoint Files

An Inappropriate Warning Message is Displayed

Printing Method from iWork 2.0